Our Team of Curriculum Developers

Project Manager
Dr. Steven Berbeco
Steven Berbeco is a doctoral candidate with graduate degrees in linguistics and education. He is certified to teach history, English, and Arabic, and has developed this curriculum after teaching Arabic in an inner-city high school for five years. Steven also directs the Arabic Summer Academy, an intensive summer Arabic language program for urban students.

Curriculum Design Advisory Team
Professor Stephan Ellenwood, Boston University
Professor Phil Tate, Boston University
Professor Julie Coppola, Boston University
Dr. Yu-Lan Lin, Boston Public Schools

Research Assistants
Jane Thorson
Richard Cozzens

Program Evaluator
Center for Applied Linguistics

Grant Administrator
Barbara Shepard

We have benefitted from additional support from Harvard University’s Outreach Center at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Boston University School of Education, Boston Public Schools, and STARTALK.

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